Switching tv to digital


Get It Done professionally sets up your digitally enabled receivers on site. The technician connects the devices. The digital TV programs are stored and sorted to your liking. Finally, you will receive a brief explanation for how to use your TV.

All at a fixed price. Travel costs included. No hidden costs.


Your provider has switched off the analog TV signal? We set up digital television for you!

Important: Our technicians do not bring digital devices. You need to have a DVB-C enabled TV or digital receiver so our technicians can set up the digital programs. TV sets manufactured after 2010 are usually equipped with a DVB-C tuner. Digital receivers can be purchased online, from specialist retailers or through your TV provider.

The service includes the following services:

  • The technician’s arrival and departure
  • Connecting the digital devices
  • Connect the TV device to signal sources
  • Search and storage of program channels
  • Sort TV programs to your liking (up to 30 programs)
  • Optimal setting of image and sound quality
  • Connect to existing DVD, video or Blu-ray players
  • Explain basic functions and operation of the TV

Please note:

  • The basics for receiving TV signals (internet, contract with providers, etc.) must be on site.
  • The installation takes place independently of the delivery.
  • The price applies to one device. Any additional device will be charged.
  • The terms and conditions for cancellations and changes to the dates can be found in the Terms and Conditions. By ordering the service, you agree to the terms and conditions.
  • The service is offered within Germany, but not on the islands.

Not part of the service is:

  • The laying and dressing of cables.
  • The disposal of packaging material.

Here’s how Get It Done’s service works:

You order the service through the website. After receiving an order from Get It Done, you will usually be contacted by a technician within 2 days to make an appointment. On the agreed date, the technician comes to your home and performs the service according to your booked service.

Get It Done does not own any company technicians. It maintains a nationwide network (excluding the islands) of independent craft companies that have contractually agreed to provide installation services on fixed terms on behalf of Get It Done. Customer and order data is forwarded to the executing craft partner as part of the order fulfillment by Get It Done. The craft partner will make appointments and services on behalf of Get It Done on the terms and conditions set.