Connecting lamps

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Get It Done professionally connects your wall and ceiling lamps! Do not struggle with outlets and technical conditions of each luminaire for long, but are best used immediately by using our assembly service.

All at a fixed price. Travel costs included. No hidden costs.


We take all your work away from you and bring lighting to where you want to go. Our service partners come to you and connect your luminaire safely and professionally. Whether wall lamp, ceiling lamp, pendant lamp or smart light system.

The service includes the following services:

  • The technician’s arrival and departure
  • Testing of the wall condition
  • Checking cable curve wall/ceiling
  • Unpacking the goods
  • Assemling the luminaire
  • Hole
  • Installation of the lamp/lamp
  • Function review
  • Short briefing of the customer
  • bisen-pure leaving the assembly site

Please note:

  • Lamp is located where it should be installed
  • The installation site must be freely accessible with a standing ladder and have been selected before the start of the assembly date.
  • Wall condition is sufficient to carry the lamp
  • Lamp has no damage or defects
  • Fuse box is accessible
  • a standard-compliant power connection is due to
  • The installation takes place independently of the delivery.
  • The price is for one lamp. Each additional lamp will be charged.
  • The terms and conditions for cancellations and changes to the dates can be found in the Terms and Conditions. By ordering the service, you agree to the terms and conditions.
  • The service is offered within Germany, but not on the islands.

Not part of the service is:

  • Laying, cladding cables and working on the power connection.
  • The disposal of packaging material.

Here’s how Get It Done’s service works:

You order the service through the website. After receiving an order from Get It Done, you will usually be contacted by a technician within 2 days to make an appointment. On the agreed date, the technician comes to your home and performs the service according to your booked service.

Get It Done does not own any company technicians. It maintains a nationwide network (excluding the islands) of independent craft companies that have contractually agreed to provide installation services on fixed terms on behalf of Get It Done. Customer and order data is forwarded to the executing craft partner as part of the order fulfillment by Get It Done. The craft partner will make appointments and services on behalf of Get It Done on the terms and conditions set.