Connect tumble dryers

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Get It Done takes care of the professional construction and connection of your tumble dryer. Connecting condensation, heat pump, and exhaust air dryers. Combination with electricity and water supply (for exhaust dryers) and initial start-up including. Stand alignment & function check.

All at a fixed price. Travel costs included. No hidden costs.


The service includes the following services:

  • The technician’s arrival and departure
  • Testing of the electrical connections as well as the suitability of the soil condition for installation
  • Connection with power supply to connections in the immediate vicinity of the assembly site and, if necessary. Relocation of the exhaust pipe
  • First commissioning including. Stand alignment & functional test
  • Short briefing

Please note:

  • Adequate soil, sufficient space for the device and electricity must be available. If technical or structural conditions are not met on site, the service may not be carried out or additional costs may be incurred.
  • The assembly takes place independently of the delivery.
  • The price applies to one device. Any additional device will be charged.
  • Consumables up to a total max. 1 euro is included in the service. Consumables whose costs exceed this (e.g. sealing rings) are billed separately.
  • The terms and conditions for cancellations and changes in the dates can be found in our Terms and Conditions. By ordering the assembly service, you agree to the terms and conditions.
  • The service is offered within Germany, but not on the islands.

Not part of the service is:

  • The laying and dressing of cables.
  • The disposal of packaging material

Here’s how Get It Done’s service works:

You order the service through the website. After receiving an order from Get It Done, you will usually be contacted by a technician within 2 days to make an appointment. On the agreed date, the technician comes to your home and performs the service according to your booked service.

Get It Done does not own any company technicians. It maintains a nationwide network (excluding the islands) of independent craft companies that have contractually agreed to provide installation services on fixed terms on behalf of Get It Done. Customer and order data is forwarded to the executing craft partner as part of the order fulfillment by Get It Done. The craft partner will make appointments and services on behalf of Get It Done on the terms and conditions set.